Theme Modules

While you can use ALL of HubSpot's default modules. We've put a couple in the theme to allow for some added features.

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Jessica Doe
CEO - Doe Company

Simple Testimonial Module

This module allows for you to place a testimonial anywhere in the theme. Share all the reasons why your company is awesome.

Smart Video Embed

This module will automatically create the responsive embed code for most video tools. We've built this module so that you no longer have to worry about pesky responsive issues with embedded videos.

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Pricing Card Module

You've got something to sell, and we've got the module to use to get people to buy.

CTA or Button Module

Our button module allows for you to leverage the ease of building a CTA but also having the option to just make it a link. Choose different alignments along with the choose of 3 of the theme's set colors. (you can change those in theme settings)

Modular Design

A highly adaptable look that’s simple

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Feature Small Module

Break things down with this small feature card

Save time with a multitude of styled components designed to showcase your content

Feature Icon Module

Break things down with this small feature card. Choose from HubSpot's library of icons to make a point.